A Father Is Looking For His Daughter

Cockpit Theatre (Rough For Opera)

Creative Team
Alex Mills
Librettist Gareth Mattey
Director / Designer Crispin Lord

Father Ella Taylor
Auditor Rosie Middleton

 A Father Is Looking For His Daughter
is a short vocal scene that finds itself in the process of being redacted. Father has been separated from his daughter by the brutal actions of an unnamed state and consequently finds himself wandering a long desert border, seemingly forever. Auditor, an agent of that same unnamed state, is simultaneously editing out any reference to the missing “daughter”, to “anger”, “hurt”, “hate” and “pain”, and to Father’s trans identity. But Father carries on nonetheless - always wandering and searching for his daughter, always finding ways to evade the censors, clinging to whatever identity he has left.

Photos: Claire Shovelton

Collage images: My own artwork used in the production