Crispin Lord | Artist & Researcher
When she was three weeks pregnant with me, my mum had a bleed. This shedding might have been a twin that never made it, or it might have been nothing at all.

In MEET JOY the artist is re-birthed into a room of flesh, re-education and reflective surfaces. The room is constructed; the artist has been abducted. A series of videos attempt to influence the artist through hypgnosis as it explores its expressive and sensory potentialities with the materials provided. Audience members are selected at random and invited into the room to watch as JOY learns how to walk, breathe, collect, transform, imitate, control and entertain.

Following Carole Schneeman’s seminal Meat Joy (1964) in which the naked body is exposed as a sensual, material flow of fleshy and painterly objects, we instead MEET JOY; a persona that emerges from the artist’s fluid identity as the possible twin, contextualising the cell-like space we find it in as as much of a construction as the codes we ascribe to the flesh itself.

All the meat used in the performance was comprised of off-cuts sourced from local butchers in the North London area, treated with disinfectant and disposed of responsibly.

MEET JOY (2020)

Performed at Tottenham Grow for Riposte* 

Crispin Lord
Princelton Delacroix 
with The Obeah Foundation

*Riposte is an itinerant exhibition and sex-positive techno party, operating in London.