“...Was Already Screaming Its Name”

Performance and Video Installation

Concept and Direction: Crispin Lord
Choreography: Marcus Bell, Crispin Lord
Videography: Jasmine Mahé Darlington

Made with Pornceptual

It is in part a queer revision of the Daphnis et Chloe story, in which two young teens struggle to express their sexuality with one another (the solution offered up to them by the god Love being too nerve-wracking and strange). The films use this provocation to investigate the performance of sexuality in both domestic and theatrical contexts, through a series of choreographic images and short movements, alongside footage of un-choreographed sex. The footage has been shredded and jumbled, and presented identically across the three screens. The installation invites audiences to reflect on their own sexual practices in relation to what is expected of them, and perform them on the beds laid out before the screens.

In June 2019, the piece was shown at one of Berlin’s biggest sex-positive parties: Pornceptual. In this iteration we set up three beds infront of the screens, and recreated the mirror/chair setup from the film in the performance space. By inviting the guests to interact directly with the work, the room becomes an open stage space and the spectators are now performers, responding and recreating the work.