Resurrection (A Bad Copy)

09.12.23 & 10.12.23, Ufer Studios Berlin

Concept, Design, Performance       Crispin Lord
Sound & Music                                     Tom Foskett-Barnes
DGS Performer                                     Mila Valtin
DGS Interpreter                                   Xenia Vitriak
DGS Access Dramaturg                    Rita Mazza
Lighting                                                        Robert Prideaux
Mentors                                                 Sheena McGrandles
                                                                Jessica Aszodi   
                                                                Antje Pfundtner 
Technical Team                                        Ernesto Cárcamo Cavzos
                                                                  Nikola Pieper
                                                                Max Stelzl

Photos (c) Alicja Hoppel

The performer is an assistant director. He is tasked with piecing together a revival of Peter Maxwell Davies’ music-theatre work Resurrection (1987), about a boy who explodes and is reassembled. But since he doesn’t know what the original was like, and since no one can tell him, what should be a precise copy transforms into something else. Interpreting instead the compositional and dramaturgical strategies of Max’s original score, he asks: what should a faithful or excellent production look like? Am I in control of the material or is it leading me? And what is the status of my interpretation as opposed to someone else’s?

The music and text is performed throughout in German sign language by Deaf Performer Mila Valtin.