Crispin Lord | Artist & Researcher
PREPARE IT, MY BODY is a play that works at the intersection of queer and disabled identity. Conceived by Crispin Lord and Jessi Parrott, it uses a mixture of spoken text, music, sculpture and technology to explore the impact of Jessi’s teenage trauma on her development of a sense of self as a bisexual woman and wheelchair user. In this series of fragmented vignettes, the perpetrators are stripped of their human form; deconstructed and transformed into an array of animations and video pieces. Yet in confronting them, Jessi remains herself.


Barbican Pit Theatre, 2019

An extract from this play was performed at the CRIPtic Pit Party, curated by Jamie Hale.

Writer/Director Crispin Lord
Performer/Dramaturg Jessi Parrott
Dramaturgy Gareth Mattey
Animation Maurice Andresen
Sound Jonathan Packham