Barbican Pit Theatre, 2019

An extract from this play was performed at the CRIPtic Pit Party, curated by Jamie Hale.

Writer & Director     Crispin Lord
Performer & Dramaturg     Jessi Parrott
Animation    Maurice Andresen
Sound   Jonathan Packham

PREPARE IT, MY BODY is a play that works at the intersection of queer and disabled identity. Conceived by Crispin Lord and Jessi Parrott, it uses a mixture of spoken text, music, sculpture and technology to explore the impact of Jessi’s teenage trauma on her development of a sense of self as a bisexual woman and wheelchair user. In this series of fragmented vignettes, the perpetrators are stripped of their human form; deconstructed and transformed into an array of animations and video pieces. Yet in confronting them, Jessi remains herself.