My first ever performance in drag, this performance is a hot take on the cult of Danny Dyer and queer youth. It combines Dyer’s autobiographical material, my own writing, music and 2D movement.

Me Myself & Danny Dyer: An Anti-Drag Performance

Theatre N16 & Our Gay Maria

Concieved by Crispin Lord
Text: Crispin Lord (and Danny Dyer*)

*Danny Dyer was not involved in the making of this piece.

My dad, who had left us by now, would come round to see us but end up going mad at him. He’d say “He’s QUEER that boy, fucking QUEER”. And then he’d start on at Tony: “Look at you fucking sitting there combing a dolly’s hair. Give me that FUCKING doll, give it to me!”. Tony would be defiant, Mum would say “Leave him alone” and Dad would snap and try to grab the doll... He even sometimes used to make out with the dolls, male and female, just to try it out. Sucking on their big heads, seeing how far he could get them into his mouth before choking. A tentative hand wandering down to his pants, wondering whether or not he should have a little fiddle around.”


I know I’m a West Ham fan so I would say this but I think there’s something unique about Upton Park - it’s the people, the real East Enders, tough, colourful, hard and beautiful. You see some of them going in and everything about them says “Don’t fuck with me”, the way they munch their pies, the rolling way they talk, their beer-bloated faces, big bellies, big hearts, swearing up a storm. They're a people with a lust for life and I fucking love them.

Coke White Starlight -- Mykki Blanco
That’s Life -- Frank Sinatra
Dick in the Air -- Peaches
My Body -- Perfume Genius
I’m a Man - Spencer Davis Group
Queen -- Perfume Genius